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Health Care in America

American healthcare needs an updated course of action. The quality of care isn’t the issue once we have some of the most effective medical care on the globe. People will fly in from different countries to take advantage in our trained medical providers. But our healthcare policies are certainly short-sighted plus need of repair. I see two major flaws with your current healthcare system.

One is routine preventive medical care is unaffordable for several families. For many the sole type of medical care that they can afford can be a plan having a high deductible. This kind of insurance is critical for major injuries and life-threatening situations. But in the final it creates a lack of preventive maintenance. With such high deductibles individuals are hesitant to visit a doctor with the routine care that may prevent major problems later on. And, most high deductible plans provide no dental hygiene at all.

This is compared to taking a car with a mechanic only if the engine seizes up or perhaps the transmission fails. What we should be doing regular is changing the oil and the air pressure within the tires. Under the current state of heath care treatment this just isn’t possible for many people. As a nation we intend to face a lot higher costs for medical and dentistry as the human population ages.

The second dilemma is the large number of individuals who do not have got insurance in any respect. If medical health insurance is anything like auto insurance I am compelled to pay not merely for my very own injuries but also for your injuries coming from all those who went without insurance. The affordable care act, popularly known as Obamacare, made a go to rectify this concern. In my opinion Obamacare caused several problems mainly because it solved but also in this one area it reached it right.

Obamacare certainly isn’t perfect. And Republicans are now within the process of trying to repeal it. I can understand their logic in doing so. However, I have not seen any style of plan they’ve got proposed that addresses the down sides of preventative care and also the uninsured. Whether it is Obamacare, or some other plan, something should be done about the massive number of American citizens who live off the hard work of others. And the fact that preventative heath care treatment is not affordable.

America is often a great country. We are an incredibly resourceful people. Most of us work very difficult to provide for ourselves and our families. We should be smart enough to understand how to provide excellent, and affordable, heath care treatment to all individuals citizens. It may cost us more inside the present nevertheless it will pay big dividends in the future.

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