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Stage of Baldness and Its Recommended Treatment

There are specific stages of male and also female hair thinning and you must discover out what stage of your respective baldness then go for a treatment accordingly. In this article, we shall cover stages of male hair thinning.

Stages of male thinning hair and recommended treatment:

Stage 1: Stage an example may be a normal stage, its keep are no visible signs in any way, you’ll find few hairs fall while combing or washing your hairs.

Treatment: Opt for a high protein diet, give your brain scalp a light massage everyday to improve scalp the circulation of blood, play the role of stress-free

Stage 2: We can state that this is the early on of baldness, of course, if you reached this stage, you must consider taking advice from a specialist doctor. You will go to a deep hair loss on top of the head.

Treatment: In this stage, doctor will suggest a combination of treatment including, derma rolling for improving scalp absorption with Minoxidil and laser hair therapy.

Stage 3: You are just inside stage of acute thinning hair or baldness stage. In this stage, you will notice a thin line of hair thinning area going from a single side of the front forehead for the other side setting up a bridge like structure; sometimes the hairloss area Is visible from your top of one’s head.

Treatment: At this stage, surgeons will suggest to possess hair grafts, a maximum of 3000 to 4000 grafts to protect the area and can advise applying Minoxidil or any other related supplements to keep up the growth of non affected regions.

Stage 4: If you click a picture within your head from your top side you would possibly see a horseshoe shape formation of the spot and further preparing this you’ll see an increase inside area from sides from the head.

Treatment: At this stage, expert doctor might help you to go for hair transplantation on the back of one’s head where new hair growth is good.

Stage 5: Only a thin line of hair could possibly be visible about the back or sideways of the head.

Treatment: In this stage, the only real methods where you can restore your hairs are hair bonding or replacement with weaving technique.

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