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Whenever I have the will to get a new little bit of classical piano sheet music, I go online. Even though all music which was composed before 1923, is within the public domain, many piano solos take time and effort to find. I’ve spent hours just trying to locate the right version or arrangement for a particular piece. Here are some from the problems you would possibly run into.

Finding the proper musical piece

Before you will start looking for the proper sheet music, you have to know which musical piece you happen to be after. If that you are like me, you almost certainly find it tough to remember the titles of these beautiful pieces that you could possibly have heard with a CD or even in a movie theme. The best place to get started on is to locate a website giving you a set of popular classical pieces you can listen to then download the sheet music.

One from the challenges with classical music titles is not that all of them have catchy titles. For example, nearly everyone knows the title of Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata”, but were you aware that Beethoven’s title was Piano Sonata No. 14 in C# minor “Quasi una fantasia”, op. 27, No. 2? Would you be in a position to remember that? Fortunately, in 1832, 31 years after Beethoven completed the sonata, a music critic named Ludwig Rellstab compared it to moonlight shining on Lake Lucern, and after that, it acquired the nickname “moonlight sonata”. Unfortunately, most classical pieces do not have catchy alternate names. That’s where you will need a website to compile a list in the most popular pieces available for you.

As another example, one among Mozart’s most loved pieces is known as Piano Concerto No.21 Andante. You will recognize it once you hear it but when you don’t know it turned out the “Andante” movement, you could get it mistaken for one with the other two movements – Allegro and Allegro Vivaci Assai, which are not as popular.

A good website may have searched through the most famous and easier to experiment with movements, and supply a list with the pieces one page. It should likewise have a play button to tune in to each piece on your hard drive speakers without ever leaving that page. So often, I find that websites create confusing links which make you jump around everywhere costing you time clicking forward and backward.

Finding the best score

It could also happen a song you’re searching for, is a component of a larger orchestral suite. For example, considered one of Bach’s most popular musical pieces is “Air On The G String”. However, Bach never composed that for that piano. Bach’s original Orchestral Suite No.3 in D Major only had woodwind and strings performing but no piano. In the late nineteenth century, August Wilhelm launched a piano and violin arrangement determined by Bach’s orchestral suite and named it “Air on The G String” because his arrangement allowed him to try out the entire piece around the g string in the violin. In the search for that piano solo arrangement, you could potentially spend hours looking through websites only containing the initial Orchestral Suite with no piano solo. That’s why you need to get a website which has done the work to suit your needs.

These are two with the most common problems in trying to locate your own sheet music for your piano. I only gave you samples of two on the most popular classical songs, but there are lots of other more obscure, and as beautiful, musical pieces that could take hours to get piano solo arrangements for.

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