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Anti-Cholesterol Drug Recalled Due To 'Uncharacteristic Odor'


Almost two hundred thousand bottles of Pfizer’s anti-cholesterol drug named Lipitor was recalled last October 8 because of an unusual odor, which could give worries to its long time consumers. However, with further inspection of the said recalled tablets, there were no found risks to its consumers. According to Pfizer spokesman Rick Chambers in his CNN appearance, the odor came from the bottles of certain supplier company. A total of seven batches of the said medicine was recalled in U.S. and states alone. However, consumers should not worry, as this recalling would not cause any shortage of the product. The product’s so called “uncharacteristic odor” does not also cause any health risks, thus, should anyone encounter this smell in their Lipitor should not worry at all. FDA, or the Food and Drug Association says that there is a number of reports regarding the uncharacteristic odor of the Lipitor, which is primarily caused by its packaging. Due to the worry of some consumers, Pfizer recalled a certain batch of the medication and conducted a medical assessment for it. It is determined that the so called odor has nothing to do with the drug’s efficacy and does not cause adverse health consequences. Hence, taking the product is still safe, and should be continued to those who need it. However, should there be an uncharacteristic odor with the tablet you have purchased, kindly return them to the pharmacist where you purchased it. Any inquiries regarding the product should be addressed to the Lipitor hotline, 1-888-LIPITOR. Should there be queries about your medication, kindly call your doctor or pharmacist.

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