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Wealth Advisory Agreement

Depending on the description of advisory services, compensation and fees may be the second most important part of your investment advisory contract. Here you can see how your advisor is compensated and how much you will pay for their services. An investment advisory agreement defines the conditions under which you order the services of a financial advisor. This agreement is supposed to be some kind of plan for you as a client because it clarifies both what the financial advisor will do for you, such as general advice or recommendation of specific investment movements for your portfolio, as well as your responsibility. This section may also indicate how the agreement can be terminated. You may need to submit a written.B request. It can also mention what part of the fees you have paid can be reimbursed, if any. Disclosure: The customer confirms receipt of a copy of BrightPlan`s latest privacy statement and the ADV form, Part 2. The customer assures that the customer has verified and taken into account the information provided by BrightPlan in this agreement and in Section 2 of BrightPlans Form ADV, in particular parties related to services, compensation, risks and potential conflicts of interest, as well as the rest of the information relating, among other things, to basic information such as the history of education and business, business practices such as the nature of the consulting services provided, the methods of analysis of securities used, etc.

As a client, there are some things your financial advisor can hold you to account as part of your employment contract. For example, you may be responsible for making your financial account information available to your advisor in a timely manner. Other expenses: BrightPlan`s subscription fee covers all services provided by BrightPlan on behalf of the customer, as shown here. BrightPlan`s subscription fee does not include transaction or deposit fees collected by the client`s custodian and/or broker, nor does it include taxes due on account stocks and transactions. Mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that BrightPlan may recommend paying their own advisory fees and other expenses, as indicated in the prospectus of each investment fund or DEFP. An investment advisory agreement can be helpful so you fully understand what your financial advisor will do for you. But don`t ignore it and sign without reading it first. This may take time, but it can help you avoid headaches on the line.

And if there`s something in the agreement that you don`t understand, don`t hesitate to ask your advisor for a detailed explanation. Each investment advisory agreement is structured differently. But in general, here`s what you can expect if you check the availability by your financial advisor. This section is usually at the forefront of an investment advisory agreement. It basically says that you and the financial advisor enter into an agreement in which you have concluded your services. Use of the Site: The use of BrightPlan`s website and the tools it contains is subject to a separate terms and conditions agreement available on the site.