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On the Path to Gel and Digital Dollars

The rise of bitcoin and other cryptocurrency values in the past month has put me on a mad dash to get more cash. I had a little bit of satoshi, but it was only a small fraction of the total value of bitcoin. I found a faucet that gives out free satoshi, and this site had many click here for more ads. I clicked on one, thinking it would take me to a place for more satoshi, but instead I was sent to a website to buy oral jelly. I was close to closing the window, but the idea of a gel based male enhancement product seemed intriguing to me.

I ordered some of the jelly, and while I waited for it to arrive, I went back to getting cryptocurrency. I was watching the values rise and fall like it was the stock market. Every time the values went up just a little, I was wondering if I should sell what I had before the values took a dip. When the values went down, I had the opposite worry, wondering if I should buy before a possible rise, or a wait a little more for a better price. I never figured it would be frustrating just to watch numbers and graphs move.

That same weekend, I cashed out some of my satoshi, and then the value went up. I figured I had made a terrible mistake, but after waiting long enough, the value went down lower than what I cashed out at, and I put my money back into the satoshi. The next day, the value went up higher than before, and I lucked out. My oral jelly also arrived the same day, making my day even more complete. If I get enough satoshi, I can probably start buying jelly with it.

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